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    Chunky Beef, Bacon & Cheese

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    Chunky braised beef

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About Us

Rump and Grind, is a new lunch bar open in Willetton. Providing delicious Homemade Pies, Sausage Rolls, Wraps, Rolls & more...

Everything is made fresh daily, using only the highest quality ingredients. We also have an extensive range of catering options  to choose from ensuring your next event is a success.
"It's time to sit back & let us handle your meat!"
Today's Special

Let Rump & Grind provide catering services for your next special event!

  • This is one of them daily meals, the emotional crutch, delicious and easy going. Steak sanga
    by Huiru B
  • Popped in for a snack with my son today and was not disappointed!! Food was fabulous. Will def be back
    by Danielle Bunyan
  • Tried the chunky beef, bacon and cheese pie and it was fabulous! Best pie ever!
    by Danaé Carle
  • Amazing, tasty good. Generouus portions and great value for money
    by Kim Burke
  • This gem of a lunchbar tucked away in suburban Willetton is quality.. Finally found a quality reuben sandwich in Perth
    by Jason Carle
  • Innovated and varried menu, top quality ingredients lovingly prepared
    by Damian Brennan
  • Tried the chunky beef, bacon and cheese pie and it was fabulous! Best pie ever!
    by Whitney Major
  • Great, fresh food! Very generous serves. Everything is delicious and the service is fantastic :)
    by Stephanie Paulo
  • Amazing, I asked Casey if she knew how to make Philly Cheesesteak, and she went and found out and then brought the ingre
    by Bert Goldsmith
  • SENSATIONAL! A lot to love about a business who add a lot of spunk to their quality craft.
    by Tara Louise Brooks
  • If Chef can't make it, it isn't worth eating!
    by Paul Winfield
  • Amazing good!!!  I will be returning soon to try more goodies
    by Jayde Anderson
  • ∗∗∗∗∗
    by Jasmine Hunter
  • Lamb Shank Wellington's are a real winner.
    by Robyn Guest
  • Drove all the way from the swan valley on recommendation, great friendly service and awesome food!
    by Craig Bedford
  • Absolutely superbly scrumptious.  Beautiful melt in your mouth lambshanks.
    by Cassandra Wade
  • I'm from Loving Paws around the corner, us girls go here for lunches and the food has always been top quality...  Will
    by Angela Eyre
  • tucked into a butchers shop you don't expect to see a place where the food is just so good! A lunch bar that serves food
    by Matthew McPharlin
  • I am a pie and sausage roll expert and its only a matter of time before the pies and sausage rolls here are winning awar
    by Greg Dick
  • Exceptional service and mouth watering food.
    by Aaron Chegwyn
  • Tried a bbq beef mince pie very tasty! Can't wait to try some other flavours
    by Shirley Wheatfill O’Brien
  • Look very nice ... i wish you were in bali .... so i can try it :D love gustu bali
    by Gustubali Ducksnutstransport
  • I still dream of the beef, bacon and cheese pie!
    by Megan Delaney
  • These pies are so delicious! They are generously sized, well priced and h
    by Rachel Nelson
  • Great pies! I wanna be the fat bastard that eats all the pies!
    by Anthony Paynter
  • Great lunches
    by Catherine Lancaster
  • I tried one of the chick'n'veg pies , really great !!!!! Can't wait to try more flavours.
    by Robert Murray
  • The food is fantastic! Great flavour and you can taste the freshness. It is very reasonably priced. I was hooked from th
    by Caroline Gill
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